Hwlo there I am Cybear Tron!!!!
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I am a Software Developer (learning) and a Student.I have made the word "HWLO" WHICH THE NEW WAY OF SAYING HELLO!!! I am a teen that is damn Interested in Computers and Programming!!!

When The Pandemic was going on I decided I will start Coding!!! I was at first wanting to do Gamedev but soon got to understand that I dont like Gamdev as much as I do to software dev. Since then I started learning Python!!!! I know some java too!!!


I have made a few python projects which u can see on my Github Profile!!

Cybear Tron's Dev Card I have made this using The Text to HTML tool by Monasoft and I have used Kale's Colour Palette that he gave me and if u wanna check him out : His site My Text Editor SharkhaEdit My Text Editor SharkhaEdit ^
I have made a lot of bots (mostly for spamming purposes or sometimes some automation)

If U want me to do some work for you...
You can contact me on my Social Media:

Discord Tag: Cybear_Tron#2351

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